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Donating Tumor Tissue

The importance of tissue donation

Beat Childhood Cancer

Summer’s Way has partnered with Beat Childhood Cancer in an effort to support Rhabdomyosarcoma research and innovative clinical trials. Upon diagnosis, you can ask to send your specimen to Beat CC at no charge. Using your child’s tumor a whole gene sequencing will occur as well as if a relapse occurs.

The importance of this DNA assessment is discerning how each tumor is behaving and why. The team at BeatCC will then add targeted therapy to the standard care hoping to treat each child uniquely using precision medicine approach.

Due to the rare nature of your child’s tumor, tissue for research becomes invaluable. You are not limited to donating tissue to only one entity, and it is best to seek as many sources for analysis as possible.

At the time of surgery, you can request that this tissue be directed to Beat CC as well as the sarcoma center of excellence that is caring for your child.

Project Every Child

Another source to equally consider tissue donation is Project Every Child

Click here to learn more about how Project Every Child can help

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